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Oldest native Croatian city on the Adriatic

Azure waters of the Adriatic
Set on a hill surrounded by four impressive heritage fortresses the ancient city dates back to 1066.

Šibenik is popular tourist destination with two UNESCO protected monuments, imposing fortresses, preserved nature, and nice beaches.

Šibenik, the oldest native Croatian city on the Adriatic, is located in the most protected natural harbour, in the centre of the eastern coast of the Adriatic Sea, at the mouth of the beautiful Krka River, at the sources of Croatia’s rich history, probably in the place where some of the original Croatian settlers first saw the blue sea, as capricious as it is beautiful that both protected and defended them, fed and took care of them for as long as they could remember.

St James Cathedral
An architectural marvel with its interlocking stones and famous dome.
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St Michael’s Fortress
Dates to the eleventh century; it now plays host to a lively open-air theatre, featuring performances throughout the summer.

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